BVÖ Bildungsberatung und Vermittlungsagentur GmbH

We would like to offer many young people from all over Europe the best possible start into their work-life. In this way we contribute to a united Europe.
We create a united Europe through EDUCATION, CONSULTING AND RECRUITING!

We would like to support you by:

  • Your career planning;
  • Your participation in projects;
  • Your foreign internship as a student or teacher;
  • Your employment development or changes;
  • Your research for suitable educational offers and internships in Austria and Germany;
  • Your reorientation on the labor market;
  • Your personal development;
  • Your research for information on educational facilitation and educational support;

  • The following tasks will enable us to achieve our goals:

  • Educational advice for teachers and direct work in this regard with adults (e.g., associations, non-professional organizations, etc.);
  • Student exchange;
  • Foreign internship of pupils and teachers;
  • Trainings, conferences and seminars;
  • Coordination of European and regional projects;
  • Work with different organizations for students and young people;
  • Language courses and cultural work with students and adults;
  • Work with the youth in connection with the Erasmus + program
  • Strategic partnerships and cooperation with the schools, kindergartens, proficiency in professional and adult education as well as universities: Joint Master Degrees, Strategic Partnerships, Knowledge alliances
  • Practice in the transitional field "school-occupation"
  • Placement of persons who seek employment solely for the purpose of expanding and applying knowledge for the acquisition of skills for practice without work obligation and without remuneration (volunteers), to persons without an employment relationship, or the condition of such an intention
  • Labor force mediation - thus bringing together job applicants with employers
  • Due to the above mentioned tasks we offer you:

    Learning mobility for individuals Erasmus + KA 1

  • At the level of school education, vocational training, adult education and higher education;
  • For pupils, students and apprentices, as well as training for vocational training staff or when you have just completed your training;
  • Teachers and general adult educators, educators, directors and general education staff;
  • Strategic partnerships Erasmus + KA 2:

  • To support the positive and long-term impact of education between adult education institutions;
  • Which support a positive and long-term impact between schools, kindergartens and schools in the field of education;
  • Promote transnational, structured and results-oriented cooperation projects between universities and enterprises;
  • And we want to develop, test and implement the innovations in the fields of vocational training, as well as deepen and transfer best practices;
  • The following documents are produced by us:

  • Europass makes it possible to compare competences, educational and learning experiences across Europe
  • The use of ECVET elements increases and secures the quality of your Erasmus + mobility project; At the institutional and individual level, through the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding - (MoU) between the participating institutions and learning agreements (LAs) for individual mobility stays
  • Certificate issuance (Student) und Certificate issuance (Teacher)
  • Additional services of BVÖ:

  • Mediation of household aids other than medical;
  • Trade in goods of all kinds, in particular motor vehicles;
  • Activity of self-employed travel support or travel assistance;
  • For several years now, we are working with the EU education program Erasmus +. This program opens up new opportunities for mobility and international cooperation in the years 2014 to 2020.
    Up to today, we carried out more than 3000 mobilities in various economic areas (catering - tourism, construction, crafts, agriculture, nursing care, IT, etc.).
    Competitors, vocational training teachers and representatives of various economic organizations participated in seminars and conferences, visited the local small and medium sized companies, educational establishments and other public institutions. They all learned a lot about the applied general and the dual vocational education system in Austria as well as in Germany, they got to know the ECVET system, gained new competences and skills, improved the foreign language skills or learned a new foreign language, analyzed the educational programs and adapted the standards in their own countries.
    We also offer teachers and students a professional training, education and the newest information, language courses, cultural programs as well as an individual placement and support in the context of European education programs. We cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises (KuM) with educational facilities in all the federal states of the republics of Austria. We find and arrange appropriate placements for mobility participants, apprentices, their teachers, as well as students, who adapt themselves to all economic factors and requirements, or which meet the conditions set by the training and study directions. In the same way, we advise and support the schools, which want their mobility participants to send them on a training abroad of their personal desire, in order to bring the targeted competencies and experiences home after the international stay. We also advise on education and study questions, and we share the most current topics and information in the international and regional project work. We also organize desired language courses, cultural programs, goal-oriented seminars, conferences or the ghostwriting task for the projects of the various individual EU programs.

    Our team makes it possible

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    Here are some reports about our work.

    A few impressions about our project

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    BVÖ - Bildungsberatung & Vermittlungsagentur GmbH

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